How to choose Co2 laser tube

Material: basically CO2 laser tube has glass tube(including discharge tube), mirror, water-cooled jacket, electrode, gas, insulating tube, etc. But these material has its quality grade respectively. For example, mirror has two kinds: Ge and ZnSe, under the same condition, ZnSe is more expensive, quality is better. As for ZnSe mirror, it also has two kinds: made in China and imported. The imported mirror is much more expensive than Chinese mirrors. However other materials also have advantages and disadvantages,such as discharge tube which has two kinds as well: made in China and imported. Imported discharge tube is more expensive, but its linear accuracy, thickness’ tolerance and raw materials is better.

Performance of the tube: to check the performance of laser tube is the most direct way, it also the main method of selecting supplier for clients. Which aspects should be observed?Generally laser power, the light spot, linear compatibility between laser tube and laser power, laser color, lifespan, etc must be examined. E.g, there are two kinds of laser power meter on market, one is water cooling, the other is air cooling, no matter whichever, in fact different power meter has certain tolerance, some the result is higher, some is lower. When testing power, special attention should be paid on current changes.E.g, one testing result is 85W under the current of 18mA, the other is 85W under the current of 22mA, obviously the former one is better. E.g, even for same light spot, the testing distance should be taken into consideration also. The solid spot on origan class, observe its cone-shape, the more beautiful and deeper, the better !

Service: o a large extent, the level and quality of service will affect laser tube’s price. After all laser tube is glass product besides it is handmade article, inevitably it has unqualified percent as well as human error in operation. Thus service is key important. A company with good service will provide with changing, returning, and repairing.All these will raise the cost. But good service is customer’s priority and preference. Basically selecting laser tube according to the above five checks will have no problem.

Post time: Dec-11-2018