Types and differences of laser lenses

Laser focusing mirror.There are two kinds of domestic and imported focusing mirrors. The transmission rate of domestic focusing mirrors is between 90% and 95%. They are generally used for laser tubes with a length of less than 1250mm.The imported focusing mirror has a transmittance of more than 99%, which is generally used for laser tubes below 150w. It has few impurities, high transmittance and fine spot, and is generally the first choice.The thickness of conventional domestic and imported focus lens is generally 2mm. If it is used for laser tubes with a thickness of 150w or more, it is recommended to use a lens with a thickness of 3mm, so that the thermal lens effect is reduced and the use is more stable.For 300w laser tubes, focus lenses with a diameter of 25mm or more and a thickness of 3mm or more are used.

Laser reflector.There are molybdenum material, silicon gold – plated material and dielectric film.Molybdenum material without coating, in the context of dirty use, scratch resistance, long service life, but reflectivity of about 80%, relatively large loss.The use of silicon gold-plated coating technology, reflectance reached more than 98%, low loss, high reflectance, suitable for clean environment, life shorter than molybdenum material.Dielectric membrane mirror.Generally used in high-power mixed cutting machine, reflectivity 99%, reflectivity is very high, suitable for thin metal cutting machine, high-power laser machine.The adoption of dielectric black film technology is difficult to produce.Life is similar to that of silicon plated.

Someone who use laser cutting machine, arbitrarily increase laser current. Take the 130w laser tube as an example, the current is up to more than 40ma for a long time.

So what is the reasonable working current of 130w laser tube?Generally speaking, we recommend that the operating current should not exceed 25ma. If the current is controlled below 20ma, the service life of the laser tube will be greatly extended.

It is worth noting that arbitrarily high current will double and triple the service life of the laser tube.

Post time: Dec-11-2018